100 days…

It is hard to believe that just over 3 months ago… 100 days to be exact… I used to be a raging “Sodaholic”!  I couldn’t live without my Diet Mountain Dew!.  My soda habit had gotten so bad that  I was downing almost 2 2-liters a day and that didn’t include the occasional 16 oz. energy drink.  I could literally feel my kidneys hurting at the end of the day… something had to change!

One fateful day, about 100 days ago, I was scrolling though Instagram and came across a picture from Alan @sweatinguntilhappy.  Alan had posted an image of a screen caption from his iPhone showing that he had gone over 700 days without a soda.  At first I was curious what App he was using to track this and found out that it is called Streaks.  Then i was astounded at the amount of dedication and motivation that it must have taken to do without something for so long!  It was at that moment that I decided it was my turn… that very day I swore off carbonated beverages!!

Needless to say, the first few days took a lot of focus and intentional decisions not to grab a can of soda or visit the vending machine at the office.  To add to the difficulty, my wife still enjoys soda (however, not ever remotely in the amounts that I used to) and keeps it in the house.  Nevetheless, as the days went by, choosing something other than soda to drink became less of an intentional action and more of a habit.

By doing away with carbonated beverages, I was able to drink more water which keeps me better hydrated and feeling better all around.  No longer to my kidneys hurt, no more bloated feeling, no more heart burn, etc., etc., etc…  The benefits are enormous from what seems to be such a small action.

With all of that said, in case you haven’t guessed I have now gone 100 days without a carbonated beverage of any sort!  I have to thank Alan for his Instagram post!  His seemingly harmless post has changed my life for the healthier.  Now let’s see if I can make it to that 365 day mark!

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